New Powerbook hinges

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Question to all new 1.5-1.67 GHZ PB owners:

How's the display hinge?

Previously, the lid woul close unevenly or even allow the keyboard to slightly touch the screen.

Have you noticed the difference?


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    well... it's still brand new, but it closes just fine ...

    the keyboard doesn't touch the screen when it's closed ... BUT, there's a lot of flex in the lid, and ANY pressure on it while closed will push the screen into the keyboard ... so I'm sure it'll end up with the same faint rub-marks my ibook had ... though it never bothered me.
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    I purchased a leather keyboard cover to protect the screen (, and it works just fine when the lid is closed. At work, I recommend the users in the office keep the foam keyboard cover that shipped with the laptop and use that.

    We have around 40 PowerBooks in heavy use, which I support. While some of those laptops have acquired screen scratches, most of the rectangular marks on the screen are due to the build-up of oil on the keys from the fingertips. I've found that using a plastic screen cleaner with a lint-free cloth cleans up the screens pretty well.
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    Concerning the hinge itself, it's an expanded version of the iBook hinge and a vast improvement over the old PowerBook Titanium hinges, which fractured fairly easily and cost a thousand dollars to replace (included display). I know several people were glad they purchased AppleCare when told that.

    Concerning AppleCare, it's all about risk. My iBook never had AppleCare and fortunately never needed it. None of my previous Macs, dating back to 1984 did either. However, with new untested models, with different logic boards, or some other new technology (e.g., lighted keyboards) I'd very seriously consider getting it. I did with my new PowerBook. If you purchase a separate display with your Mac, you can cover it with the single AppleCare contract.
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    Did'n want to start a new thread...

    I got a Ti whose hinges are starting to sound creeky. (is that's the word)

    No fractures yet...

    I was wondering if I could put some oil on it to minimise the fraction and secure my hinges before they break.

    Could this be harmful for the electronics?

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    I wouldn't oil the hinges, but I would do the following when adjusting the LCD's angle: First pull the LCD toward you to break the friction of the hinge, then push it away to the angle you want. Those who have had the most problems have simply pushed the top back, which appears to put a much greater strain on the hinge than pulling it toward you. Of course, you must first lift the LCD when you open the laptop. I'm speaking about adjusting it for your preferred viewing angle, if you don't open it to the working angle first.

    Good luck.
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    Well there's got to be a way to loosen up the friction inside the hinges.

    It is because of the high friction in the hinges that they pull a lot more at the base than if it was much looser. I believe that's why they break.

    If U turn a nut back and forwards, dust is gonna gather and create more and more friction, until it breaks. I guess ...

    But then again, if I oil the hinges, maybe the screen will fall down and not be able to stand up by itself, then i'm pretty sure that my hinges won't break because of the low friction inside the hinges, so...

    Then I should find a way to get some oil off to give it a little more friction so it stands by itself.

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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I don't like the idea of putting a liquid on my powerbook. I have a 1.0 and my wife has the 1.67 both 17". Neither have had problems with the hinges. If I were to lubricate the hinge I would use something like graphite. It is a dry powder and less likely to harm your machine. You might also try contact cleaner. It is a spray on cleaner that evaporates, just move the screen while spraying the hinge.

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    slickslick Posts: 34member
    Sorry to be ignorant here, but are these new hinges something being offered on PB's ordered from now on, or is it a defect that will be fixed by Apple?

    My PB was bought back in February and the lid closes unevenly, the right side sits up. I keep the foam thing that came with it inbetween when the lid is closed.
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    We're talking about the hinges on the old Titanium PowerBooks. They had two hinges that were prone to stress breaks over time. The new PowerBooks have a large single hinge, similar to but longer than that used on the iBooks, and don't have this problem.
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    slickslick Posts: 34member
    Okay, thats good to hear, I really didn't want to deal with a potential problem, I love my PB
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