Network Port Configurations

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On OS X, how exactly does the port configurations work? For example, let's say I have an Ethernet *and* a Airport connection active. Both are active, so which one will it use? Will it choose the better one? Does it use both in tandem? If I duplicate my Ethernet port, and have different configurations, will it use all three or automatically figure out which one to use?


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    Goto System Preferences | Network | Network Port Configurations

    You should have a window with two panes, one labelled On, the other labelled

    Port Configurations.

    OS X tries the ports in the order they are listed in the Port Configurations window. If you don't like the order, you can change them by moving the port up or down.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    This comes in really handy in my network. I have 3 ways to connect: Airport, Ethernet and Firewire network. (kinda hidden feature and buggy.) If I set up my priorities as Firewire, Ethernet, Airport, than the computer usually selects the fastest network first.

    It doesn't always work right, but it is nice to have and saves time.
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