More Than Just "Nodin'"

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In other website forums (wow these are probably the best invention to the internet) especially in the music ones I'm in; many are using the Logic node (Distributed Audio) with Gigabyte Ethernet or even firewire. I was wondering if there was a way to expand upon that node. What I mean by that is, can you use another computer's hard drives and RAM as well as the Logic Node's capabilities to use the processor(s)?

Would this require something along OS X Server software? Or maybe even the XSAN technology? From what I gather, XSAN will part everything out and be able to save information to multiple computers (Apple shows the example with XServes, but I assume you can do the same with G5's, G4's, and a mix of all three)... is any of this possible? I am mainly regarding an opposition to a giant rack of XServes, for music production with those is limited to a air-conditioned closet for all of the noise they generate...

Just one of those "What-if questions"...


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    ishawnishawn Posts: 364member
    Maybe a new usege for the FireChannel cards. That would be cool if they would completely operate together if connected via that or firewire. If anyone knows of this happening, please let me know.
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