Tiger .Mac server?

in macOS edited January 2014
Okay question. I currently use a combination of my .mac account and iView media pro HTML templates to manage my photo galleries. This works but it is a bit shall we say manual, like a data shovel where what i really want is a data back hoe.

I have set up a PHP and MySql server before on my mac but getting it on the internet is costly (static IP, power, etc) and kind of clunky for us who grew up on Macs and don't want to deal with the terminal all that much once the thing is up and running.

So now my question, without cheating on your NDA's. What is all this .Mac syncing/dynamic DNS rummblings I have heard, will you beable to run a dynamic server from your home mac and your .Mac account?



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    dynamic server?

    I guess you could call it (Mac OS X client) a server, if not a severely pared-down one.

    Basically, dynamic dns...not sure where all the tie-ins would go, though

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