SuperDrive vs External. iDVD vs Toast 6 Lite

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I posted this elsewhere in another thread but got no answers, so here it is in a thread of it's own:

I've been weighing up whether to get a Superdrive configured with a Mac mini or go for an external DVDRW Firewire drive.

Having less devices on my desk is a pro for the Super but I'm not sure which is better, iDVD or Toast 6 Lite as I haven't had experience with either. What's the general consensus on this?

Also, does iDVD support double layer? This would be the clincher I guess. I can pay a little more and get a double layer Lacie w/ Toast 6 Lite but I'm not exactly loaded at the moment so saving $100 would be nice.

Any ideas?

[edit] I see in another thread that iDVD does not support double layer so I guess the question becomes: Is Toast Lite as good as, or better than, iDVD? I realise that if I don't get the Superdrive I won't get iDVD. That maybe the sacrafice I have to make.


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    iDVD 5 allows to do disk images, so you can split the authoring and burning into two seperate steps. You will be able to burn the disk image onto an external drive without any additional software.
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