What can a Server (computer) do for a small business as opposed to stand alones?

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What can a Server (computer) do for a small business as opposed to stand alones?

At work everyone has a stand alone machine and everyone gets out on the net through our router (and switch combo's). Basically, just like you would at home.

We have three network printers and everyone has their own physical printer in their office.

What advantages would having a dedicated server with Panther Server running? We are 100% pc except when I sneak my iBook in.



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    Centralized Management and backup.
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    Originally posted by hmurchison

    Centralized Management and backup.

    Plus centralized storage.

    Servers start being important as soon as each individual user needs to have access to common data. In commercial environments that can be customer data, catalogs, order processing etc. - typical client server stuff where input and data manipulation is initiated by users via terminals to be executed and centraly stored on a server.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    If you are 100% PC and install a MAC server I don't see a huge benefit.

    You would be better off getting a pc with MS W2K3 Server and setting up a decent Active Directory structure.

    You can then do software rollouts/ virus/spyware etc from one central location.

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