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My Girlfriend has an iBook G4 and something strange happened:

while listening to music, the screen blanked out, and the last note that was played before the blank continuously repeated as a beep beep beep beep beep beep.... .

Since I'm only a Mac user since august myself too and don't know so much about apple hardware yet, I'm curious what just happened. Anybody an idea?

Thanks already


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    Sometimes if the computer crashes while playing music, the soundcard keeps looping over it's buffer since there's nothing replenishing it with the next part of the song. That's what causes that skipping.
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    hmmm... but the whole computer just crashed...black screen, unusable. i told her to hold powerbutton, and restart... that worked, but i find it unhealthy
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    The sound card is phyisically seperate from the CPU, so it won't go down with the rest of your computer.
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