Does iDVD5 Region code DVDs?

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Hi all

If I create a DVD of a home movie on the Mac using iDVD5, would the DVD be region coded - meaning, can I play the DVD on any player around the world or would it only play in Region 1 (USA, Canada and UK) players?

Also, assuming it does not region-code the DVD, would it record DVDs in NTSC format or can these DVDs be displayed on a PAL or SECAM TV? Or is this question relevant only for VHS and never for DVDs?

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    Hi tilt,

    homebrewn DVDs are allways Region Coded 0/Zero, which means, you can watch them around the globe.

    The video standard is a totally different thing: DVDs do have different video standards, they can be NTSC, PAL,?

    many/most/all dvd-standalones in Europe are able to playback NTSC videos, some older TVs make trouble to accept the signal, which isn't a real converted signal?-

    In case you have to convert your videos, have a look here + you'll need a free tool called JES Deinterlacer

    Dan is one of the "Geniuses" at the Apple support forum?
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    Thank you k_munic. That helps.

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