iMac G3 memory problems, help!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

iMac G3 DV SE: 400mhz

RAM: 2x128mb pc100

SITUATION: a week or so back, i took out one of the 128's to check and see if my friends ram he took out of his Mini would fit, and it wasn't the same so I just put my 128 back in. Computer wouldn't boot up, it just made a beep sound, and the power light blinked. Turns out the computer would only boot with one of the two 128's.

PROBLEM: i got a new pc133 512mb SDRAM from someone who had bought it new from crucial, but had got the wrong kind. As of now I am assuming it is working, i'll test it late in the other iMac we have, which btw is the exact same model and is running a pc100 128 + pc133 512 just like I am trying to do here. When I put the 512 in, system profiler claims that slot is empty, buth slots will recognize the 128, just not when they are both in there. I've tried every combination, and can't get the computer to recognize more than 128mb at a time.

The past few weeks, I had noticed the computer was acting a bit strange, when I had safari open for a while and have a lot of pages, or a big page was loading and I'd close the window, the computer would start chugging away with the beach ball spinning, and then eventually safari would unexpectedly quit. I figure it was just time to reformat, but now I think it might have been partially a memory problem.

Does anyone have an ideas or ever had/heard of this happening? I really need to get it working with more ram because I'm booked to record a concert this saturday night!
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