basic help needed on iPod Mini

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hey all,

i recently bought myself a second-hand iPod Mini off eBay. It came with two other items: headphones and the belt-clip. No manual or instructions.

i've borrowed a Firewire-to-iPod cable off a friend and it's currently charging.

at the moment i can't seem to access the Menu on it (is this because it isn't atleast 80% charged yet?), but looking through iTunes i can see it has nearly 17 hours of music on it.

How can i move this music onto my computer, then delete it from the iPod? I'd like to go through the music and toss what i don't want....

that's all for now, i'll keep experimenting, i know this can't be hard to do (after all, this is an Apple product! they're always user-friendly)

thanks all


  • Reply 1 of 3 and check out podutil
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    ooh, found a great app for copying music from your iPod to your Mac...

    go to and search for 'iPodRip' if your interested...
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    It's also possible to rip all the songs from an ipod onto another disc via the command line, simple recursively copy the music containing dirs into a new dir on your machine, then import the dir into itunes.

    It took me a while fiddling around with tab complete to find the right dir on the ipod (/Volumes/My\\ iPod/something ) and this isn't recommended for someone new to the CLI.
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