Abandon (Katie Homes 2002) Was A Great Movie

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Is it just me or what... Just saw the movie on satellite tv (damn you Apple! where's my iHome??) and it just resonated with me...

Along with A Beautiful Mind, great story about:

-psychological pressures at school



-stress from pushing your mind

-emotional maturity

-college/university life

-experimentation with drugs

-even adults struggling with life

Especially that scene where they are sprawled on the floor and has taken a million vodka shots and whatever else, and she says I feel good, why can't i feel like this all the time

If you view it as an adult drama with thriller-elements, and not as a teen movie, you may connect with it... It certainly did for me, a few weeks ago I had to start taking antidepressants, never thought it would 'happen' to me... \

I am 26... Lots more elements about this and A Beautiful Mind that resonated with me, but won't go on too much as it would contain Spoilers...
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