Illustrator CS crashes at startup

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I received my PowerBook G4 15" 1.67 Ghz today - I'm writing on it now. I installed Creative Suite but Illustraotr crashes on startup. I opened it earlier to check for updates, performed the update to 11.0.2 and then tried to open it a few minutes ago and it failed. I deleted preferences and tried again but to no avail. I deleted the folder and re-installed and that didn't work. The only thing I can think off is that I cahged my username and then got given a new library folder. I then changed the name back but deleted the original library folder. Could this be causing problems?!

I need illustrator - if no-one knows i'll just re-install everything.

Other than this my PowerBook is excellent


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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    Well I was right it was a corrupted preference - well not enough preference files. I just copied the preferences from the other area on my computer. Illustrator is now working.
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