Pioneer DVR-109 Compatibility Problem, Help

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-109 DVD Burner and was recognized in system profiler. It can read DVD's and CD's but will not burn DVD's or work with iDVD.

In the System Profile under "Disc Burning:" it states that it is "Not Supported".

I have contacted Apple support and asked if I needed to update the firmware, and there response was it was not necessary to do so with my model.

(Power Mac Dual G4 867 Mirrored door's with AGP)

I also made aware that I retained the combo drive that came with the Power Mac; they stated that having dual drives would be fine.

The tech told me to try and reload Panther to see if this would resolve the issue. This did not seem the best solution to me, as I do not wish to spend a couple of hours reloading all my software and a few day's getting it back to the way I like it.

I know this is the latest drive from Pioneer, but is it to new for my particular Power Mac. Or is reloading the OS the only solution.

Has this type of problem happened to anyone else and if so what was the solution to resolve the problem.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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