Adding Final Cut Express HD to my hard drive...

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I have a poerbook Ti with about 17GB of HD space left.

I'm thinking of getting FCE HD but from the specs it looks like I need about 16GB of hard drive space.

I've already cleaned out my iPhotos.

I have about 20GB of music in iTunes. If I could figure a way to move my iTunes somewhere off the harddrive that would be ideal.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I thought about getting one of those lightweight firewire hd's but are they reliable?...


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    get a firewire drive as you mentioned. you cant use those 'lightweight' ones for video editing/capturing because they arent fast enough, but you could unload your pics and music. in the advanced prefs of itunes you can tell itunes where to find your library. I would recommend doing this with or without FCE HD.
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    The majority of the disk space requirements comes from the Apple loops for Soundtrack and the LiveType content(mainly video files). If you arent going to be useing LiveType or Soundtrack on a regulalar basis on the go, then you can put these onto a portable hard drive.

    I would agree that you need the best hard drive possible. If you are thinking about ever getting a new Powerbook or PowerMac G5 in the future, I would consider getting a drive that has FW800. There is a substantial difference in speed between FW400 and 800, probably not quite double but nearing so. I certainly notice the difference on my Lacie 250GB tripple interface drive. Its fantastic!
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