Possibility of a Mac Virus?

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I hope I didn't scare you folks with the alarming subject title. Here's the dilemma. A friend's brother uses Internet Explorer on her home G5 to access his work's web mail account, which is on a PC network [of course]. His account was suddenly disabled by the network Admin who claims that the G5 infected his PC network with a virus. I told my friend to tell her brother to tell this network "guru" that he's full of it. Before I give him a "friendly" call, I thought I'd bring up the subject here to get your valued opinions. Here's a little exchange between the Admin and the young man. All parties names have been changed [I think]. Sorry for the lengthy message!

The sister:

Zak [the brother],

When you have a chance, can you please ask Mr. Admin to get a bit more specific? Is there a virus name or a specific action that keeps occurring. It might also be helpful to let him know that I own a Mac G5...

Mr. Admin: [After the above was forwarded to him][


Have you used that PC to access your web-based e-mail?

To which Zak replied:

Hey Mr. Admin,

I have used several PC?s to access my web email. My sister?s computer is a ?Mac? but I also use PC?s at my schools computer lab.

Look Mr. Admin, I don?t know much about computers, but what I do know is that not having access to my email has been quite frustrating. If there is any information you could share about this problem to help solve it as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated. I really need to have my web email access reactivated.

Mr. Admin fired back:


I can tell you that over the course of one month, your sister?s computer ?Goal-Trigger's-Computer? (MAC or whatever platform is used) has attempted to access your account and guess your password more than 500 times. The only course of action is for your sister to take the Mac to a professional for virus, worm, and hijack software removal. There is nothing I can do from my end but it is my responsibility to defend the company network from security attacks.

I understand your frustration and as soon as that PC is cleaned I will open your account back up and check that the attacks do not happen again.

------------ End of exchange -----------

Is the above scenario possible?




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    rara Posts: 623member
    On the Mac, open System Preferences, then click on Sharing. What does it say is the name of the computer? If it is 'Goal-Trigger's-Computer' like the admin said, then it's possible. If it is not, then that's not the computer to worry about.
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