Mac mini & monitor problem?

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My friend recently purchased a Mac mini. He already has a USB keyboard & mouse, and a VGA Formac CRT monitor. When he connects it all up, the mini makes all the correct noises, but the monitor remains in the power saving mode.

He took the mini to his local Apple dealer, and when they connected it up to their display the machine worked perfectly. So it seems to be a case of the mini generating an analogue video signal that the monitor doesn't recognise?

Has anybody heard of anything similar? I would have thought that the mini would drive just about any VGA monitor, especially a DDC monitor?

I'd appreciate any help, as he is absolutely gutted!


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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    My friend has purchased a 20" flat panel monitor, because nobody could come up with a reason for his existing monitor not working.

    I still can't think of a realistic reason myself.

    Anyway, happy ending, he's now got a Mac mini and a new monitor which he can use with his PC as well?
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    that sounds like the best solution to me. good job!
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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    If the mac mini was set to a resolution that the monitor couldn't display that would cause it to stay in saver mode.

    I have had to reset the PRAM on a Dual 800 that wouldn't work with a monitor. Afterwards all was fine.

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    It probably stays in power conservation mode because the VGA signal the Mac mini emits is below VESA specs. It probably is not strong enough to be recognized by the monitor.

    I think this really is a shame since Apple is aiming at a market dominated by non-DVI monitors. They should fix this problem ASAP.
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