Exposé for iTunes?

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Wouldn't a sort of Exposé mode *within* iTunes for browsing music via album art be neat, and on occasion, rather useful?

Think Clutter, only savvier, Exposé-style.

It would be only for Macs (10.2+), I'd imagine, but hey, dem's the breaks. (I can't say I'd be terribly surprised if Apple begins to load iTunes with a couple of snazzy Mac-only features in iTunes 5.... to add to the bait.)

Do enough people here add album art -- and associate album to art to their music -- to find this idea appealing?


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    i am thinking apple would make a dashboard widget to do what you suggest. that way you can have them all pile on over the interface quickly, select your album art, then whisk it all away.
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