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I have a iMac G5 with a cable modem connection (Comcast), no Airport card.

I then bought an iBook G4 with Airport Extreme and an Airport Extreme Base Station.

I want both computers to have internet access via my Comcast connection, the iBook G4 should be wireless of course.

How do I hook this up?

I tried running the cable modem to the aiport and from there via LAN to the iMac G5 and wireless to the iBook. But I don't get internet access through either computer that way. And removing one of the computers (either one) doesn't work no matter how many times I run the Airport Setup Assistant for Graphite and Snow.

This is really frustrating me, and is a real deviation from Apple's plug-n-play philosophy.

What the hell do I do here!?


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Could be an easy answer.


    Try #3

    If you have a cable modem, unplug it from its power supply for at least 30 seconds to fully reset it. Additionally, press the reset button if it has one. Clearing the modem's memory may address a situation in which certain types of cable modems require the MAC (media access control) address of a previously connected device. In rare cases, an Internet service provider might need to manually reset the address. To learn more, see "ISP provisioning may prevent Internet connection via cable or DSL".

    That and using the assistant should have you up in no time. The Graphite and Snow were regular airport base stations.

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    I use Comcast and they don't use MAC provisioning where I live.
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    Bingo Reg! That did the trick. Thanks man.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Your welcome. We had to do the same thing when we connected up my sons xbox.

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