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an article in pc mag today talks about privacy using a flash drive. is there something i could use for both my pc and mac similar to the following excerp--using firefox (non IE browser) or will any flash drive work.

Privacy to Go

The StealthSurfer's handy to take everywhere because it's tiny. Without a traditional--and unnecessary--plastic case, it's as thin as a dime, under 2 inches long, and three-quarters of an inch wide. I carried the gadget in my wallet throughout Alaska.

If you already have a flash drive, try the $30 P.I. Protector Mobility Suite from Imagine LAN. Unlike the StealthSurfer, the program uses the version of IE, Outlook, or Outlook Express that's already on the host PC. But P.I. Protector tricks the host computer into thinking the apps are on the flash drive--behind the scenes, the utility temporarily changes the location where these applications look for data and settings.

any suggestions?? what about a flash drive for both a pc and mac??? this way i can use any pc and not leave stuff behind

or could i just place firefox for mac and firefox for pc on the same flash drive then run the browser from the flash drive??


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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member
    You could just clear the caches, history, cookies etc. of whatever browser you were using after you finish. If you're worried about spyware and trojans sniffing your passwords and whatnot (which a usb disk will not protect you against) then I would suggest learning how to use linux and carrying a Knoppix cd with you.

    Whenever I go on a trip, that Knoppix cd is with me... I live in Korea so just about every pc here is an infested windows pc that barely works anyway. The cd basically loads a fresh linux install into ram and saves nothing on the disk.

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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    If you want the ultimate in coolness and stealth, check out Damn Small Linux. They manage to fit a barebones OS plus all your basic apps (including browser, word processor, email client, etc.) into 50 MB. They therefore sell a bootable 128 MB flash drive. If you don't want to be bothered rebooting, they also sell a flash drive bundle containing Qemu, which lets you boot the Linux on the flash drive from inside Windows or Linux. So you just stick in the flash drive into a computer running Windows, boot Damn Small Linux, and do your web surfing within Linux without rebooting the host machine or leaving any traces on it. Pretty cool.
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    There is also Firefox and Thunderbird (email) that run off a flash drive.

    But not Mac compatible.
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