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I recently started a small online photography business and so I'm doing a lot of photo rendering on my powerbook. I want to take the load off my laptop and buy a powermac to do all my photo processing and wed development.

So my question is: Does there exist software that will automatically sync the files between two computers (in my case a laptop and desktop)? I am just looking to keep my laptop up to date with all the stuff on the desktop so that if i go on the road, I can edit my website then automatically transfer those changes to the desktop when I get back.

AFAIK, iSync only does address book, bookmarks, etc.

Thank you for your help


p.s.- on an unrelated note, do applications have to be optimized to take full advantage of dual processors?


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    I sure wish Apple would make a good solution for this... I would love to have a desktop that I used when I was home, and my laptop would sync everything up... If you could do priorities, so right when you plug the laptop it syncs your mail, then goes down the list of priorities etc. As of now I don't know of any third paty solutions for this, but I hope that Apple makes something like this. It would certainly give another good advantage over windows...
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    I use Chronosync to synchronize my MDD and Powerbook. It has worked quite well for me. There are a number of options to play with, so you might find that you can set it up to do what you want it to do.
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    Since OS X is a BSD System, you could try rsync (via the Terminal)
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    Thanks for your help!
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    Originally posted by Denmaru

    Since OS X is a BSD System, you could try rsync (via the Terminal)

    Speaking of rsync, I know there are at least a few GUI tools that are front ends to rsync. I'd suggest a slightly more OS X version however, that fully supports aliases as well as symlinks.
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