OSX Authorware problem - potential switcher unimpressed!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

A friend just used my mac to access her online learning course (at learndirect.co.uk). The lessons are in Macromedia Authorware, but it would not work - she kept getting this message:

Error found while reading the Authorware Web Player map file.

I have the latest version of the Authorware player installed (7), and OS 10.3.8. The problem was in Firefox. As I don't have her pasword I cannot test it in other browsers, but this authoware test page has the same problem in Internet Explorer and Safari. The 'help' pages on the learndirect site are confusing. Some of them talk about Mac compatibility, others only mention IE on Windows...

Any help would be much appreciated as she is a potential switcher and it doesn't look good if she can't access her course!

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