Airport connection dropping out when talking on phone

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It is so weird lately.

Everytime I am on my cordless phone my airport connection doesn't work. The minute I turn the phone off, everything goes back to normal.

What's even more weird is that my airport has never done this before. I haven't changed phones or placed the base station in a different spot. Nothing has changed.

Note: I also have interference robustness on. But it doesn't seem to do any good.

What could be causing this?



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    rara Posts: 623member
    Your phone is probably running at 2.4GHz which is the same frequency as the Airport.
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    Happens here too, it's the 2.4ghz frequency of the phone dropping the connection. The phone likes to span every channel, the interference robustness does not do anything. I recommend getting a 900mhz phone or those new higher frequency ones.
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    Airport uses the 2.4GHz spectrum.

    So do some cordless phones... and microwaves... and garage door openers

    Interference. Duh.

    Most likely fixes:

    Either switch to a cordless in the 900MHz range, move the phone/receiver farther away from the Airport, or get used to the fact that the channel selector on the Base Station doesn't move it far enough from the phone's spectrum that they're always competing to some degree.

    It might be possible to find a 2.4GHz phone with better frequency behaviour (it's own selector to push it farther from Airport's slot), or smarter packet control that can play better with your WiFi.

    But the simplest solution is to stop trying to compete in the same spectrum... decide which device will 'own' that bit of the æther, and pick non-competing devices that won't conflict wherever possible.

    edit: D'oh! Long composition superceded by shorter summaries of the same info.
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    So interference robustness doesn't do anything?

    But how come it is starting to do this now when I have always used these two items before and nothing has happened. Could it possibly be one of the newer airport updates?
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    change phones, i did, gota nice ge with answering machine, better battery life, top rated by consumer reports and hey now

    no problem with my airport or connection
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