iPod Shuffle USB sync help

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A freind recently bought the 512 MB Shuffle and was so excited. then he had a lot of trouble connecting to his Compaq PC via USB 1.0. He spent a lot of time troubleshooting the issue with me adn then AppleCare, to no avail.

Is the Shuffle compatible with USB 1.0?


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    Just because of your post I plugged my Ipod shuffle into my Pentium 1 233 computer running Windows 2000. (I only use it as a print server). And sure enough the drive mounted. I don't have itunes installed but I would this if I could access the data side of the shuffle in usb1 the music player should be able to do what it needs too.
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    To get really crazy I mounted mine with a Psion NetBook. Oh the geekness!

    What WinVer are you using, is the USB driver the standard? Are you using a USB PCI board or is it intergraded on the MB.
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    yc16yc16 Posts: 2member
    i have the trouble too.

    my pc cannt connecting my shuffle.

    but shuffle could connected the pc of dell in my company.

    it's why!!!???
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    I've had no problems connecting my 1G Shuffle to various types of PCs. They include:
    • IBM T41 ThinkPad

    • IBM X23 ThinkPad

    • Compaq Evo

    • And a brand new Dell.(Forget the Model #)

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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Moving to iPod and iTunes - there may be more PC people there due to the crossplatform nature.
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