NewsFire Is A Great RSS Reader

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Try It. It's nice...

And send feedback email! I for one love it but would like to see Mark As Unread as an option

First-class stuff...


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    uh ya its decent except that it costs $19!!! it doesnt even have Podcast support, has several bugs, and the developer is a jerk. If it was $5, i would agree with you that it's a great app, but not for almost $20.
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    developer is a jerk

    How so?
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    Originally posted by hmurchison

    How so?

    well first of all he clearly thinks his software is much better than it truly is. the biggest thing though, is that he gave no advanced warning that Newsfire would become shareware instead of freeware. He got free beta testing out of us without us knowing the app would be $20 the next day. After some complaints, he tried to pull a smooth one and lower the price to $19. Wow what a deal...
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    David did a nice job with Acquisition, and seemed to respond to feature requests with new versions quite promptly for a while. The shareware nag warning seems like a small annoyance, but for $19, that software seems reasonably priced.

    If NewsFire follows the same development curve, it might be a similar bargain, but if Safari or other browsers pick up the RSS ball, I don't know how that will impact the market.

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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    dude, you also got free beta testing out of him.
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    Actually he said several times that when it became a 1.0 release it would indeed become shareware.
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    Tried it and NetNewsWire Lite is much better.
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