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Hello all.

I do a little work at a retailer. They have a few macs setup and I would like to be able to make a disk image of OS X on an iPod that I can just bring into the store and "restore" all of the computers using this image.

What's the process or does anyone have a link to somewhere that shows how to do it?



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    People 'round here say that the disk in the iPod is not made for that amount of continuous reading and writing. Why not just get a firewire drive.
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    I do this at work, where I run about 30 Macs.

    I have about 4 OSX system images on the iPod, for various uses - DTP etc.

    If ever I get a new Mac or one goes wrong, I just restore an image and 5 minutes later the Macs up and running.

    I also keep a disk images of all our software, Quark, Adobe CS, Suitcase etc, so I can install without digging out CD's.

    The 'pod works fine, as well as playing music.
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