Seriously I need help with my external harddisk!

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my external harddisk has 40+ GB of my music, videos and some other stuff.. and i can't copy anything to my PB!!!

when i drag and drop a file it doesn't show that its transfering it just drag and drop it to my desktop and the result item appears in light color... (like if its a folder it appears in a light pale blue color..) and i can't open it.. when i try to open it my finder freezes or shows me this round rainbowish color thing and stays forever until i restart the laptop!

please HELP ME!

p.s: excuse my english


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    Ouch, sorry to hear. You can try coping files using the terminal.

    Needed commands

    (1.) cd /Volumes

    (2.) ls

    (3) cd <name of external HD as seen in the ls(list)>

    (4) cp <file name> ~<your username>/Desktop/

    if you coping over directory use

    (5.) cp -r <directory name> ~<your username>/Desktop/
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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    Try running disk repair or diskwarrior over the external disk.

    You might also need to try a fsck_hfs on it.

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