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how can i overburn something? is it possible, im using the cdr that comes with my pb


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    yup, you can using x-cd-roast. just google for it or search at macupdate.com. it doesn't look as nice as toast but its pretty easy to use.
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    hmm downloaded x cd roast, but when opening the program it asks me wheres my x11.app? and with that, i have no idea.
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    you can get x11 as a free download from apple, it should be on your panther disks though, but i'm not quite sure.

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    You can try BurnX free . It's a very basic but yet powerfull burn software..

    I use it for all my data CD's.

    I've never tried to burn 800MB CD's, but with this SW you can burn over 705MB on a 700MB CD.
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    s.metcalfs.metcalf Posts: 940member
    X11 is supposedly an optional extra on the system install cd's but I found no way to install it after I had a newer version of the operating already installed on the mac. I had to download it from Apple.
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