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I'm in the market for a notebook as I may have indicated before in other posts. I'm really torn between getting a 12" Minibook or one of the current 15" Powerbooks.. I'm replacing my Powermac, because I really would like the mobility. Is the 12" really that slow? When I get mine, I would definitely max the ram out. I know that if they were to revise the 15" line it would have the whole Airport Extreme capability, but I think by the time I would make use of that capability, I would probably be on to another machine (figuring it wouldn't be for another 3 years) I do alot of web work, nothing big on the photoshop.. But it would be my main machine and I don't like things chugging.. Any suggestions? Should I just keep my Powermac and pick up an iBook 800? Any input would be appreciate!

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    Personally, I am waiting for the 15 inch to get everything the 17 inch has in it...which will hopefully come along in a couple months. In your case, the 12 inch is GREAT. I saw it at the Apple store the other day and it is amazingly well built. I would imagine it would be a LOT quicker if you maxed out the RAM. Good luck.

    P.S. I have a Powerbook 667, 48 GB, 1 GB RAM, Combo for sale if you are interested...
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    By the way.. just point of reference, I do have the Student Dev discount..

    Ibook 800 fully maxed with RAM and airport card = 1342

    Powerbook 867 (combo) max ram + airport card = 1678

    Powerbook 15" 1GHZ 512MB Combo - 2102
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    in that case, if you are looking for bluetooth and Airport extreme, go with the 12 inch, if not, go with the 15 TiBook for sure. A friend of mine has the 1Ghz with Superdrive and he loves it, no problems at all...
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    Unfortunetly the 12" Powerbook does have some performance issues, unless you happen to love the design or use alot of Altivec applications I would take an 800mhz iBook over the 12" Powerbook.

    Also, the Titanium Powerbooks have a much better graphics chipset than the new powerbooks that suffer from the pathetic geforce4 to go chipsets which are actually based on the GeForce 2 rather than the GeForce 4. Really disapointing.
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    You must be one of the most negative people I have ever 'met' Steve. At least Matsu's rants are interesting.

    And don't believe everything you read on barefeats, <a href="http://macspeedzone.com/html/hardware/machine/comparison/all/index.html"; target="_blank">here</a> is a good comparison of the minipbook against a multitude of other Macs.

    You can decide for yourself if the numbers are large enough to merit the extra cost, though with ADC discount I really can't see this being an issue. Specifically the multitasking tests impressed me, the pbook outclassed the ibook 2 to 1 while running multiple tests. Doing web work you will of course have a multitude of apps open at a time.

    You never mentioned what PowerMac you have. If it's a PowerMac 6100/60 then I'd whole heartedly recommend the 867 12 inch, if it's a dual 1.25 then I might tell you to go ahead and grab an iBook.

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    hehehe...I stil have a 6100/66. I LOVED that machine. The DOS card was sweet, as was the whopping 500 MB Hard Drive!

    Anyway, I have the 15" Ti and absolutely LOVE it. The lack of L3 cache, a relatively low screen rez (even on a 12" screen--but then again I have excellent eyesight) and (I *think*--correct me if I'm wrong) 32MB Video card make the 12", while beautiful, not up to par with the 15." But, I huess if you aren't going to use it for any serious lifting, it would be fine as long as you max the RAM.

    But I can say...do yourself a favor and get the G4 based machine...pass up the iBook. Not that it isn't OK, but it is rather outdated...a G4 is a better investment IMHO.

    Enjoy the hunt!
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    Purchasing advice... off to General Discussion with ya.

    Click through <a href="http://forums.appleinsider.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=10&t=003786"; target="_blank">here</a>.

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