ibook...buy or wait

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i'm new to the apple community. let me start off by saying hello. i just recently "switched" over the whole family to apple from dell. i just had a question. my brother is going away to school and we're looking at an ibook. should we wait for tiger and/or a possible update. seems like one is due. thanks for your helps guys.


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    Depends on your budget. If you are happy with spending $1000-1200 for an iBook, then I say wait. If you are a bargain shopper, you can get a G4 1.0ghz 12" iBook for ~$800 right now. Mac prices are typically very stable, so I don't think you'll ever see a better deal for a new iBook. Of course the standard computer-buying rule applies, the longer you wait, the better product you will get for the same price.
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