Please help--constant accessing, slow response

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About two months ago, I installed additional RAM into my iMac (500 mHz G3) which sped it up like a charm. Starting just yesterday, though, it seems to be constantly accessing something on the disk, which in turn causes everything on my machine to slow down (especially Adium). Looking at iPulse (which is never running--I only opened it to see what was going on), it's reading something at a mostly constant rate of 270 K/second and has been going strong like this for a while. Restarting doesn't do anything. I only have one swapfile currently saved, so it doesn't seem to be a memory problem. What is constantly accessing, and how can I stop it? Like I said, this just started yesterday but is now pretty annoying.


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    Use /Applications/Utilities/Activity to see if you have any processes that are using up CPU time. The likely culprit is probably in there.

    Also, if you're familiar with the Terminal at all, you can use lsof to look at the open files being used on the system. man lsof will get you the manual for that command.
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