how to create an ecommerce site

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have been asked if I know how to set up an ecommerce site, so I thought I'd ask you guys as I have no idea. I did a quick scan through google, but it's all gobboldygook to me. Anyone have any recommendations on software to look at or general recommendations of info to look at?.



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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    For a simple set up that supplies you with the code to put in your site you could use 2Checkout. They work great, though they charge a little more than some other systems if there are going to be a lot of sales. Otherwise you would have to license software like shopfactory, etc. Which are very expensive up front, but they use several ways to accept payment, though 2Checkout does as well. Best thing is to check all of the options, but not knowing anything about what the product is, I would recommend 2Checkout.
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