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ok let me tell you my situation.

I dont need a computer until August of 2005

I would LIKE a powerbook

but the iMac is apparently updating soon so i think i may wait for that.

but if the iBook updates to become pretty decent i think i will save some money and just get it.

My main question is "What can i expect in the iBook, PowerBook, and iMac before(or i could wait if a big update is coming) August of 2005.

Thx in advance


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    The iBook will very likely remain G4; the most you can expect is a clock speed boost, an FSB speed increase, and other milder improvements.

    The iMac is more up in the air. At the least, it could just get a boost to 2 GHz on the high end, along with more included RAM or improved AGP video. At most it could get PCI Express video and a G5 with 1 MB of L2 cache. Don't expect it to blow you away, but it could be a solid improvement.

    The PowerBook is where it really gets interesting: there's the possibility that it could get its G5 at WWDC (early June), even if it doesn't ship right away. That would likely mean a faster graphics chip (Mobility Radeon X700 or its equivalent spot in the line) and a Serial ATA hard drive, but other than that it's anyone's guess.

    It sounds like you might need the computer for school. If that's the case, get the PowerBook when it becomes a G5, if it'll arrive before the end of August. Being able to type up notes in class can be very useful, and you can take advantage of campus WiFi if available.
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    Wait until Tiger comes standard, and then wait until something is refreshed (or, hopefully, a new release) post-Tiger...
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