quicktime/video encoding question

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Is quicktime encoding purely processor horsepower or does the GPU help in any way? How much does extra ram benefit in encoding? Is Quicktime multi-proc aware for encoding? Are there any video or expansion boards that do pure quicktime (im interested in MPEG4 ISO and MPEG4 H.264) encoding/capture?

The situaton is the follwoing: We want to capture multiple video streams (MPEG2) and have the computer re-encode them in MPEG4. Yes, there is Quicktime Broadcaster, but we have to have the least amount of latency possible between encoding and broadcasting.

Anything you can come up with is a great help, thanks


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    encoding is almost purely processor power. if you have a preview monitor, that slows down the encoding process, and the aqua blue bar is probably GPU. i dont think ram really matters when it comes to the final rendering and encoding--its more for real-time stuff.
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