Best wireless keyboard/mouse combo or set?

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Typing on my PowerBook at work lately has caused some tightness and slight discomfort in my wrists.

I'd like to get it set up on an iCurve with preferably a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I don't care if they come as a set or not, just that they are compatible with Mac's.

And I'd rather have ones that use batteries and don't require a basestation as I don't want any other device cluttering my desk.

Is what I am wanting available? Oh, and I'd like the mouse to have two buttons and a scroll wheel, but it isn't a deal breaker.


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    I've got both the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse. I love the keyboard, but I've always thought Apple's Keyboards had the best feel. The mouse is ok. I miss the scroll wheel that my IBM mouse had.
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