Disturbing Error: Gray screen, fans crazy...

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Should I be concerned?

I started up my G5, and then I came back only to see that the fans were blowing SO furiously, that I thought a vacuum was going off in my room.

The screen was gray, and said stuff like Kernel, Start up Failure.....all these things.

I turned it off ASAP because I was scared to leave it in that state.

I turned it on ten seconds later and its fine now....

but I'm still a bit unnerved.

Whats going on?


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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    From what I have read this is normal when your machine has a KP - the fans freak out. You might want to have look at your logs to see if you can find the cause of the panic.
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    First off: Apple did the smart thing when designing the fan system on the G5. The default for the fans is all on, and it is software controlled to be slower. That way when something goes wrong (say a kernel panic) and there is no software functioning to turn them down they go to full power (which keeps things from burning up).

    Now on the kernel panic... it is unlikely that you will be able to read much from it. If it becomes a regular problem, then it is time to try and figure out what piece of code is causing it. More often than not it is either hardware or driver related.
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