OS X Server firewall any good / suffient?

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Hi all,

After being switched to Apple I have now decided to replace the last Windows part in my network: the Win2000 server. In a few days I will be the proud owner of a nice shiny G5 xserve 8)

I will be using this xserve to host our companies files, our crm software, use its VPN, DHCP, NAT and the firewall. Having learned (and found out in practice) that OS X is so safe I now have to decide wether I will use OS X Server's firewall only or add an additional dedicated stand alone firewall device. I have some average knowledge of running servers but not too deep.

In my current situation I share a firewall with another company in the building as this was absolutely necessary with unsecure windows machines. But I don't have any control over it so I would need to purchase a new firewall.

Is this necessary??? In other words is the firewall software on OS X Server good enough as the sole defence knowing that I will have all my company data on the xserve and don't want anyone having access to these by accident. Or should I absolutely add the extra device?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!




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    The firewall is identical to any other local firewall. It will isolate the xserve from other computers just fine.

    If instead you're talking about using the xserve as a gateway/firewall sitting between other computers and the internet... the answer is more complex.
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