Apple should buy Audible

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As a number of members have advice of what Apple should acquire; my 2 cents worth.

Audible (ADBL) has virtually no competition in the audio book market (92 %) and has partnered with Apple and Amazon and recently with the BBC. there are 20 million shares outstanding with current price of under $15 which puts its market price ($300 million) in the same space as TIVO

It surprises me that with all the shuffles, iPods and other digital players

to be sold that someone has not tried to pick this company up. Unless

books on an iPod is a non starter this company should do well. If MS bought this company they might be able to force Apple to open iTMS, not to mention allowing iPods to play other formats.

I used iTMS to buy a book 'Wisdom of Crowds' a fairly new publication. Not only was it cheaper than the print version but I listened to the author describe his book before downloading. In Canada it was 37.95 for hardbound. In iTMS it was 26.00 can. and that was for the unabridged version.

The experience of getting something N O W cannot be understated imo.

and Audible is going to play a big part in the digital player future. Have you tried downloading a book? or magazine? what was your experience?

disclaimer: I bought some audible stock


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,215member

    Thanks for the disclaimer. You know I haven't tried an Audio Book yet. I'm wondering on if I will have the same affect after "hearing" rather than reading the story. Maybe I'll try a small book and see.
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    snipesnipe Posts: 97member
    it is really important on who the reader is. That is why getting a free preview is so important, which was not available in the cassette days.

    What is surprising is the number of new and bestsellers are available. My iPod works great with it too as it bookmarks. I never have time anymore

    for reading except for some newspapers and forums such as this. But when I am in situations like cars, airplanes or even a barber shop it is a worthwhile experience. Especially for must read non fiction and educational books and papers.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I like audible books for long road trips. Sometimes it's nice to have something other than music along. I go for the suspenseful stuff because it holds your attention better. I wouldn't get a book I wanted to read on audible because it isn't the same experience - your attention wanders too much for a literary book and you'd miss what makes it good. But for something pulp, like a King novel, it's great.
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