Dvd drives question

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I am thinking about buying a windows dvd burner, Would it work with my mac if I baught a firewire drive casing for it?



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    The drive compatibility database at <a href="http://www.xlr8yourmac.com"; target="_blank">xlr8yourmac</a> is the best place to look, assuming you know the brand and model.

    There's also different degrees of working, i.e. burning data CDs/DVDs using Toast, burning data CDs/DVDs from the Finder, burning audio/MP3 CDs using iTunes and burning DVDs using iDVD.

    I believe only a small number of drives, including the Pioneer DVR-105 (SuperDrive), are fully compatible with the iApps. If you want to use iDVD, I also think it has to be fitted internally.

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    well,I recommend this palace for u to buy a new external dvd burner,I once bought one earlier,,,really worth.

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