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ok all mac experts this is a situation I want to win ...

I work for a middle east oil and gas company in a department that advises corportate objectives. I'm currently (new blood) middle management, but upper management are looking to new blood to inject some new fandangled magic into the system, and earn them pots of cash (more than they are now).

Short meaning is: right now they are listening. It may change in the next six months. But I've got til then.

We currently use Dell - integrated grfx brds cheeeeeap stuff, which is rented to the corp at about 25% (literally) of the cost of mac stuff. Th Mac shop here will not rent.

I want to introduce a new technology system based on the iPod to the department.

This is the plan:

I want management to go iPod-centric. Instead of typing messages to the department, I think they should dictate a message to the iPod, and the secretary types it out. (new thought: maybe use iSight to record the mesage to the iPod) Secretary can upload all meetings and contacts to the corporate iPod database. When it is time for a meeting the iPod will buzz/ bingling (via Push) as any PDA would.

I want everyone to be on mac-minis. I currently have a problem with Adobe's lack of interest with FrameMake for OSX - but where there is a will ...

Most used app: office which is covered with MSOffice 2004. I need a good answer to Visio. Is there a Mac alternative?

I want to sell a new concept in information sharing / office comms (iSight/ichat) and less effort for more impact for them.

This could be big. Or it may fizzle and die. But I have got to give it my best.


Please note this has been written after a bottle of Jamesons, so excuse everything.


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    Omnigraffle <-> Visio (and can import visio).

    Hacking the iPod into a PDA still has to be proven, I wouldn't be too set on that idea. And text gets to the point faster than listening to things (searchable).
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