Can't Sleep HD Only

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hi a small annoying issue (who doesn't)

I got two HD's one is 60GB which is on the 66 Bus the other is a 200GB which is on the 100 Bus. I start up from and use the 60GB daily and only have the 200GB for backup. But i want to not have it running all the time when i don't use it. So i eject it and i can hear it turn off. So far so good.....

But when i eject a CD or image file it spins back up and i have to go intoo Disk Utility and mount and then unmount via the os to make it go back to sleep.

Now i use Temperature Monitor to see how hot my CPU and HD are going at so i thought if i quit that it will be all fine but nope HD gets powered on again after ejecting or sometimes even opening a app!

So if there a way to make it go to sleep and stay until i open up Disk Utility?



PowerMac MDD Dual 867Mhz; Mac OS X (10.3.8); 768MB of Ram
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