Pioneer DVR-A09XL

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I know this is not offically supported but anyone know how to get it to work?

Internal drive in an enclosure kit is what I'm thinking.


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    yikes600yikes600 Posts: 85member
    Check out the Drive Compatibility Database and you'll see that several people have already put this in their macs. It works fine after installing the Patchburn 2 driver. The DVR-A09XL model is the retail model which I'd avoid for macs because the front bezel is too big and can get stuck on the case when the drive opens for some mac models. Pick up the DVR-109 (OEM model) instead. It's cheaper ($75) and uses a smaller bezel.
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    jaredjared Posts: 639member
    That worked! Thank you yikes600....

    Glad I did not have to go back in the same half hour to return everything
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    yikes600yikes600 Posts: 85member
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