How to Reconstruct File Directory After Wiping Partition

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So last night I was doing some clean-up on my hard drive and decided to erase one partition that I use for back-ups. A few clicks later I realize that Disk Utility has completely wiped the whole drive instead of just the single partition I was working on.

The horror.

Normally, this would be a massive catastrophe, but I had just burned to DVD all of my important files, and I have two hard drives so I was able boot off of the other drive and restore my OS 9 partition from the DVD very easily.

So here is the question: I know that the files still exist on the Jaguar partition, just the file directory was destroyed. I haven't written a single file to that partition since my blunder. How can I restore the file directory to it's former state? What software tools do I need/should I use?

Needless to say, I'm looking to do more that just recover the files, I'm hoping that there is some way to recover the file hierarchy so that I don't have to reinstall Jaguar.

Any thoughts out there?

Much thanks
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