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we're looking for beta testers for a new software. It's an extension for iChat AV, enhancing the experience of videochats.

To qualify for the test team you should conform to the following profile:

- you are a Mac user, running Mac OS X 10.3.x

- you own an iSight

- you use iChat AV for video chats on a daily basis

- you're interested in beta testing this new software

- you can afford some (extra) time

For your beta testing, take it for granted to receive a free licence of the final product (and of course, you're one of the first to get hands on this nice piece of software).

So, if you'd like to join the beta test, please send an e-mail with your name, specs of your setup (*) and a few words of reason, references or greetings to [email protected].

(*) Because we're looking for about 10-20 beta testers, we try to spread the tested configurations as much as possible. Hence, please attach the specs of your Mac setup (the first 7 lines from the "Hardware Overview" page of your System Profile), kind and speed of your internet connection, number of displays connected to your mac and other stuff of interest to your e-mail.


Eberhard Rensch

Pleasant software for the people


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    zaggozaggo Posts: 3member
    For those of you who wanted more information: there is now some stuff online about the program: http://www.showmacster.com


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    rraburrabu Posts: 264member
    Seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, I don't have an iSight.

    However, I'd still like to put in a feature request if it isn't already there or planned already. How about the ability to share a live video stream of part of your screen. It would be really useful if you were chatting with someone and trying to give/receive explanations on how to use something. I'd imagine tech support folks would find it quite useful (especially if you are trying to teach the person remotely how to do something or fix a problem versus just using something like VNC or ARD to just do it yourself).
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    zaggozaggo Posts: 3member

    the live stream feature is implemented already. We are very limited by the transmitted image resolution of iChat AV (which is obviously optimized for fluid motion of video, not for hi resolution graphics), but if you select only a small part of interest of your screen, the results are very nice.

    The limitation to the iSight as web cam is hopefully only for the beginning. It is planned to extend the compatibility to other Firewire devices as soon as possible.

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