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what all should i get for my new powebook?????

So far i've got:

Office 2004

Photoshop CS

another freeware program to rip songs off my ipod to itunes but the name slips my mind

Things i plan on getting soon:

Norton: Systemworks and or Utilities/Antivirus/Internet Security/PF

a website development tool like dreamweaver but not sure what yet....

what else do U guys think are MUST have software


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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    look where you can download the following from

    VLC media player

    Will play just about all video codecs (excpet Windows Media 9 and more recent Real)

    For DVD fun: Handbrake (DVD transcoder) free along with Mac The Ripper to make your DVD backups. offers you Adium multi protocol instant messenger. Get Skype while you're at it.

    Azureus will fulfill your Bittorrent needs

    Bluephone Elite if you have a mobile phone with Bluetooth

    Poisoned for all your P2P needs

    Toast 6 for your CD/DVD copying needs

    FORGET Norton. It will mess up your computer

    Just get something like ONYX. Its free and will optimize your computer.

    For rescue, get DiskWarrio for OSX. Best thing you can get.

    Thats essentially what is in my Applications folder for the "must haves"
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,392member
    Some I hear mentioned often.


    Launchbar- This costs money


    Butler- I think it's free
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    skipjackskipjack Posts: 263member
    If you get DiskWarrior, make sure is a recent version that will boot the current G4 iBooks and PowerBooks; otherwise, you'll have to pay an extra $12.95 + shipping.

    Go to the following explanation from Alsoft.


    DiskWarrior 3.0.2, which I just bought a couple of weeks ago, will not boot my recently acquired, early 2004, G4 iBook, and I have to buy their upgrade disk.

    In fact, here is a quote from the above linked page:

    "DiskWarrior CD revision 36 will not start up the newly released PowerBooks. These include the 1.5 GHz 12" and 15" models and the 1.67 GHz 17" model. A new revision of the DiskWarrior CD will be released soon to start up these new PowerBooks."

    It does not look like there is any provision for anyone to buy now and get a free update/upgrade when it becomes available.


    DiskWarrior 3.0.2 does boot the early 2004 G4 iBook. Somehow, the CD became dirty and after cleaning, the computer booted from the CD. To the credit of Alsoft, I tried to buy the upgrade, and after hearing the circumstances, referred me to Customer Support, rather than processing the order for the new disk. That caused me to investigate further and I found that the CD would no longer boot a computer with which I had used the disk just a day earler. I had noticed that the CD looked dirty after being ejected from a slot-loading drive, but did spend a great deal of effort to remove the residue.
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