Problem with DVD player

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I'm having an issue with my G4's DVD-ROM. I just burned a DVD (with a bunch of .JPG pictures) on my PC. The media I used is DVD+R, and the burner is 16X DL DVD±RW. My G4 won't read it, it won't show the icon on the desktop. Any DVD I burned on my PC can't be read by the Mac, regardless of the format of the data. I should probably add that it reads movies on DVD and CDs. I'm assuming the problem is in the media, as I probably should have used DVD-R, instead of DVD+R. Am I right or not?

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    I apologize for posting this posting this thread here. I've tried to delete it but I apparently can't do it. I opened another one in Current Hardware. If you wish to reply please do so in Current Hardware.

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    New thread in Current Hardware... This one...... Locked
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