moving your itunes library

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
experimented with moving my itunes library last night. i want to buy a big external drive and move all my mp3s to it in the near future, so thought i'd see how it was done, but i ran into some probs...

attempt 1) copied the whole itunes folder from users/me/music to my external drive, opened itunes, changed the library location, restarted itunes. seemed fine until i moved the original library and then itunes showed no tunes even though the library location was set to my external drive folder

attempt 2) reset to my normal set up, opened itunes, selected the external drive and my library location then used consolidate library to do all the copying. seemed good. closed itunes, renamed my original library - same problem no tracks in the library even though itunes was pointing to the external drive and had even copied all the files there itself.

what gives??
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