Not too happy with the Apple keyboard

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Hi all

Just bought my first ever Mac yesterday (an entry level Mini with no upgrades at all) and also bought an Apple keyboard to go with it.

I am sorry to say I hate the Apple keyboard. I don't know whether my fat fingers keep touching some key or the other when they shouldn't, but my cursor goes to all kinds of odd places while I am typing fast and something unwanted happens.

For example, as I am typing this post, so far I have somehow inserted some kind of a javascript list at least thrice (I don't know javascript from a hole in the ground), I have made so many typos that I have had to go back and correct, I have opened another browser window a few times - and all of this just in the course of typing this one message here.

This does not happen with a PC keyboard. It always happens to me on laptops though.

But other than the keyboard, I am so far extremely happy with the Mac Mini and am happy I switched (so far )



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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    well anytime you get a new keyboard this happens.
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    I think you just need a little time to get used to the keyboard. They all have their little differences.
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    skipjackskipjack Posts: 263member
    But if you prefer your PC keyboard and it is a USB keyboard, you can just use that. It doesn't have to be an Apple keyboard.

    In fact, lots of people use Microsoft mice. I'm just saying, don't feel that as a switcher, you have to use Apple products exclusively.
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    gfeiergfeier Posts: 127member
    Apple's keyboards haven't been the best since the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard II from the late 80s (which my wife still uses on her old 8500). I'm typing this on my Tactile Pro from Matias. Got it at and loving it. Not as good as my wife's, though.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Thanks for all your replies. Yeah, I know I don't have to use Apple kbds and mice, I just wanted the Apple kbd because it looks good. I still use my Microsoft Trackball Explorer which for me is the best mouse in the world (just an opinion based on my own requirements, nothing else). I still have two PC keyboards lying around, but like I said, I wanted the Apple keyboard

    I know, I just have to slowly get used to it and I shall. It just feels so different in terms of ergonomics.

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