New AOL terms of service - do they apply to iChat?

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AOL updated their terms of service (slashdot discussion here). They now have the right to any information you send through their software. AIM, mail, you name it, they own it. Period.

So how does this affect iChat users that use their servers, but not their client? The TOS presumably affects users of their *software* from the look of it, but you just know that they aren't going to be tracking which client is being used by whom in the process of data gathering.

Good timing on the upcoming Jabber support in iChat? \


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    pubguypubguy Posts: 108member
    UPDATE 3/15/05 - seems that eWeek is reporting that AOL is "clarigfying" the TOS because of a hugh public outcry. They say that they only intended it to be for items posted to public forums.

    We'll see.

    (sounds like an opportunity for someone to create an encryption plugin for iChat -- can they do that?)
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    drop iChat and MSN and Yahoo and all that other stuff.

    Skype is where its at.

    Direct peer to peer chats and telephony. Plus its encrypted. Does NOT pass through any servers.

    soon to come is video chat.

    actually, I only use iChat for video conferencing. The rest of it is useless. I hate the preferences and stuff of it.
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