DJ-1800. great looking app, can't get it to work. some1 with an iMac, can they help?

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ok everyone, im interested in an appliaction called DJ-1800. it's a mixing program (similar to the mixers DJ use) and can handle mp3s and aiff files. (i think AACs too)

it's a shareware program that gives you a fully-featured 30 minute Demo. the problem is that when i try to play a song through it, i don't hear anything!

before you ask: i don't have headphones connected and i don't have the computer muted.

i emailed a freind of mine who has an eMac and asked him to try it out and it worked. im on a new G5 iMac and i want to know if there is someone out there with a similar machine that can test this app for me???

please, can some1 help, this application looks great and has a pretty good reviews

here's a link for it:

thanks for your time


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    G5 Imac 20' tested the app and it works fine. Takes a while to set up use with itunes library (10 minutes with 20GB tunes) but after that all went as planned.

    Check your output prefs carefully as they seem to be a bit confusing.
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    spiers69spiers69 Posts: 418member
    yeah i've got it working now. It was something to do with the output. Before there was only two choices, now i have a third choice and it's working fine.....

    pretty weird...

    buy hey, im having fun with this app
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