Constant Kernal panics when installing 10.3 - HELP PLEASE!

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HI, I have a "FranckenMac" that I have put together out of spare parts I picked up, its a Sawtooth G4/450 with a ATI Radeon 7500 retail card, a Samsung Combo drive and a new 80Gb hard drive. I have tried CCC'ing my iBook G4 hard drive and then just installing that in the G4, it seemed to work OK for a while but then stated crashing and doing strange stuff (more KP). So I tried installing a clean copy of 10.3 but it only gets a couple of minutes into the install then Kernal Panics. Do you think it is the graphics card? I notice that the OSX install readme says you HAVE to have an Apple supplied graphics card, does that include the ATI Radeon retail cards or not? Please help me, this is really pi#[email protected]#$ing me off!!



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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    The symptoms you describe attest to:

    1. Non-compliant RAM. Panther is extremely picky about RAM, so if you can borrow a stick which works with Panther, try it first.

    2. Peripheral devices with strange chipsets. If you have any Firewire or USB devices besides mouse/keyboard attached, disconnect them all before installing Panther.

    3. Faulty Internal devices. If you can get the original video card that shipped with the G4 (Rage 128 Pro?), you can swap it too. However, if your Radeon has ever worked in a Mac, I'd say it should not be a problem.

    Points 1 and 2 are most likely anyway. And, by the way, did you update the firmware?
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    THanks Costique for your advice. I think you are right on all 3 counts. I don't have the right hardware test CD to check the Ram so I will just try using one good stick (I have 4, all different flavours). The Radeon dont work installing OS9 so I will borrow an ATI Rage pro from a work Mac to install it and upgrade the firmware, which I think needs to be updated.

    Then again I might just give up and buy a Mac Mini....
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    the cool gutthe cool gut Posts: 1,714member
    What type of OSX disks are you using? I had a friend who had a cube, and I tried installing OSX on it using and iMac OSX installation disk.

    Nothing but kernal panics galore. I later learned that you can't use different OSX installation disks on different computer models. I'm not sure if that's still the case though.
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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member
    The Radeon is what I suspect.

    The Radeon 7000 on some machines will show no video until the login screen (not a bug, it's the way it works).

    I could easily see this being linked.
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    Yeah that could be the issue as well. I am using an iBook G4 10.3.0 install CD. The KP comes only a few seconds after the installer has finished verifying the install disk. I ahve a Radeon 7500 retail version but I'm sure it has the same problem..... I notice there is no specific kext for it only for the 7000 and 8500, would that matter?
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